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Ah, Summer

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Today marks the official start of summer vacation for students throughout the tri-cities.  I can remember back to those days from my childhood.  There was always an irrepressible joy within me as I celebrated the end of nine months of school and considered what the summer might hold.  The next three months would be filled with camping, fort-building, baseball cards, and a little mischief.  Specifically, I can remember going to bed after the last day of school, the whole summer before me.  It seemed too good to be true.  I rejoiced at simply being alive to all the possibilities.

Thirty years later I really don’t have a parallel for that feeling.  Joy is still present, but served in smaller doses these days.  Maybe I’ve just learned to govern my reactions a bit more.  Still, there is one way that this “last day of school” experience seems appropriate: when we think about reigning forever with Jesus.  I think the kind of joy associated with summer vacation will be a daily reality for us when Jesus brings His kingdom to earth.  I’m not sure if we’ll need to sleep in the age to come.  Actually, I wonder if we’ll even be able to sleep as we ponder all the possibilities of God’s presence and the new earth.