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Plan A

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Yesterday at our service, we had to implement Plan B.  The Erwins were supposed to come and participate in our service with beautiful singing and powerful songs.  An accident stranded them in Arkansas.  Plan A was no longer an option.  So we went with Plan B.  Life is like that.  Things don’t always turn out the way we plan. Disease strikes, accidents happen, relationships break.  So we resign ourselves to make the best of Plan B (or sometimes Plan C or D).

God’s Plan A never gets derailed.  God’s original plan was to redeem a broken world and put it back together better than ever.  His plan is to gather for himself a people who will worship and serve and co-create in a renewed creation.  His plan is for you to be completely whole, restored, and made new.  That plan cannot fail. No matter how many Plan Bs you and I need to settle for, God never needs plan B.  His Plan A is guaranteed.  In fact, all of our Plan Bs are somehow woven into his Plan A.