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A Year of Growing Louder

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Our vision and goal as a church is to be a community where all kinds of people are becoming like Jesus.  Everything we do is aimed at that outcome – making us a little more like Jesus.  We’ve identified a pattern in Jesus’ life.  There are three different dimension that he moved in.  He moved toward his Father.  He invested in a spiritual family, his disciples.  He announced God’s kingdom to the world.  At FCC, the way we become more like Jesus is by following that pattern.  We say it this way: “Growing closer to God, growing deeper in God’s family, and growing louder in God’s world.”

Each year we discern one of those dimensions to focus on.  Two years ago we invested a lot of time and energy into growing deeper in God’s family.  This past year we focused on growing closer to God.  This next year our focus will be on growing louder in God’s world.  We will explore all kinds of ways to announce and demonstrate God’s kingdom to the world around us.  Jesus did it by teaching, healing, and forgiving.  We will find ways to do those same things in our context and setting.  So get ready to turn up the volume!  You are a microphone.  The good news comes through you and gets amplified to our neighborhoods, our schools, our community, and our world.