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February 18 – An Earth Shaking Discovery (Pastor Zachary Seegar-King)

Full Worship Service

February 11 – Name Your Own Price

Full Worship Service

February 4 – On the Journey of Disability Attitudes (Rev. Mark Stephenson)

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These are unique days.  We live in a time when God’s kingdom is already present in many ways.  But it’s also obvious that the full reign of God is not yet here on earth.  We have an important choice to make: will we live in the “already” or the “not yet.”  As we begin a new year, we will look at what it means to live in a reality that is already here in some ways and not yet here in others.


January 28 – Not Yet Already – Life

•  Full Worship Service


January 21 – Not Yet Already – New Creation

•  Full Worship Service

January 14 – Not Yet Already – Eclectic

•  Full Worship Service 

January 7 – Not Yet Already

•  Full Worship Service



The countdown to Christmas officially begins as we enter the season of Advent.  To prepare us to celebrate Christ’s birth we will experience a series of services called, “Heaven Comes to Earth.”


 December 31 – Memorial Service

•  Full Worship Service


December 24 – Christmas Eve Service

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December 17 – When Heaven Was Left Behind

• Full Worship Service

December 10 – When Heaven Paid a Visit

•  Full Worship Service

December 3 – When Heaven Was Earth

•  Full Worship Service

Earlier this year we began working our way through the letter of James to the Church.  It is a letter filled with pointed, practical instruction for living out our life in Christ.  Next Sunday we will pick up where we left off in chapter four with a lesson in astronomy.

November 26: Margin Call (Rev. Jeff Boersma)
November 22: Thanksgiving Eve Service


November 19: James – Waiting for the Sequel
November 12: James – People > Money
November 5: Here I Am (Rev. Jeff Boersma)
October 29: James – Plans (no recording available)


 October 22: James – Orbit

One of the most important ways that we can become like Jesus is by announcing God’s kingdom to the world around us.  That’s what Jesus did throughout his ministry.  He taught.  He healed.  He forgave.  He provided.  This fall we will explore practical ways that we can announce God’s kingdom and grow louder in God’s world.


October 15: Out Loud – shOUT Forgiveness

•  Full Worship Service

October 8: OUT Loud – shOUT Healing

•  Full Worship Service

October 1: OUT Loud – shOUT Truth

•  Full Worship Service


September 24: OUT Loud – shOUT Provision

•   Full Worship Service

September 17: OUT Loud – Step Up to the Mic

•   Full Worship Service


One of the most overlooked letters in the New Testament is Paul’s letter to Titus.  It sort of gets overshadowed by his letters to the Romans, Ephesians, and Philippians.  Yet this short letter is filled with all kinds of wisdom for the church today – even for our church today.  For the remainder of the summer we will work our way through this letter.




September 10
  • Full Worship Service   (Do You Know Where You’re Going? meditation begins at 7:49; Growing Closer to God 23:28; Growing Deeper in God’s Family 46:47; Growing Louder in God’s World 1:15:42)
September 3: Titus 3 – The Point
August 27: Titus 2 – Image Is Everything
August 20: Titus 1 – What You Leave Behind
August 13: The Foolish Gospel of the Cross (Rev. Gerrit Koedoot)


The easiest way to tell an apple tree is to look for the fruit.  That’s the proof.  That’s the evidence.  Followers of Jesus also show evidence.  It’s called the fruit of the Spirit.  This summer we will be working our way through these fruits to understand better how our life in Jesus is expressed.

August 6: Evidence – Self-control
July 30: Evidence – Gentleness
July 23: Evidence – Faithfulness
July 16: Evidence – Goodness (Rev. Howard Vugteveen)
 July 9: Evidence – Kindness
July 2: Evidence – Patience
June 25: Evidence – Peace
June 18: Evidence – Joy
June 11: Evidence – Love
June 4: Evidence – An Introduction



A new series of messages begins this Sunday: “Sticker Shock.” We will spend three weeks exploring the cost and value of following Jesus.

May 28: Sticker Shock – Terms
May 21: Sticker Shock – Blank Check
May 14: Sticker Shock – Sight Unseen


Why? As we move toward Good Friday and the death of Jesus, this is one of the most important questions we can ask.  Why did Jesus do it?  Why did he put himself through the agony, the abandonment, and death?  Over the next several weeks we will raise and answer the “Why?” questions at the end of Luke’s gospel.






May 7: Why do you stand here looking into the sky?
April 30: The Best Church (Rev. Howard Vugteveen)
April 24: Why are you troubled?
April 16: Why do you look for the living among the dead?
April 9: Why? What crime has this man committed?
April 2: What Kind of King? (Becky Tjapkes)
March 26: Why do we need any more testimony?
March 19: Why are you sleeping?


One of the most applicable and practical books in the Bible is the book of James.  It shows what faith looks like.  It’s faith with hands and feet.  Throughout January and February we will be working our way through the Book of James.

March 12: testimonies by Western Michigan Teen Challenge
March 5: James – Wisdom
February 26: James – Both Sides of Our Mouth (GEMS Sunday)
February 19: James – Predicting the Future
February 12: James – Fatal Favoritism
February 5: James – Remember (Becky Tjapkes)
January 29: James – What God Gives
January 22: James – Bizzaro World
January 15: James – Trials
January 8: James – Let’s Make A Deal
January 1: Christmas into 2017

god-with-us-650x269For most people the birth of Christ is a mythical event with the following implications: gifts, family, and food, as well as credit card bills and traffic jams.  But the birth of Jesus has implications that reach much farther than a roughly one month festival.  The real meaning of Christmas is found in God becoming a human being – one of us – and dwelling among us.  That profound and simple fact means so much more than what we typically celebrate at Christmas.  This series explores four powerful implications of the incarnation.

December 18: God With Us – Comfort
December 11: God With Us – Hope
December 4: God With Us – Crossroads
November 27: God With Us – Miracle

all-kinds-of-peopleOur vision is to be a community where all kinds of people are becoming like Jesus.  We’ve spent a lot of time looking at what it means to become like Jesus.  But who are “all kinds of people” and what does it mean to be a community of them?  For the next two Sundays we will look at what it means to be a place for all kinds of people.

November 20: All Kinds of People – Acceptance
November 13: All Kinds of People – Indispensable

web-banner3-wideA rendezvous is a meeting of two people at a specific time for the purpose of growing in a relationship and enjoying each other’s company.  Rendezvous is also the series of services we will be experiencing this fall.  It’s based on the idea that Christianity is far more than a religion.  It is more than a set of behaviors or rituals.  It is most of all a relationship.  God loves us and we respond by loving Him.  For the next 6 weeks we will be focusing on growing closer to God through a series of rendezvous.

November 6: Rendezvous – Encountering Christ in the World (Rev. Howard Vugteveen)
October 30: Rendezvous – Encountering Christ in My Church Family
October 23: Rendezvous – Encountering Christ in Friendship
October 16: Rendezvous – Encountering Christ in My Closest Relationships
October 9: Rendezvous – Encountering Christ in My Life
October 2: Rendezvous – A Sacred Romance

They say hindsight is 20/20.  So wouldn’t it be great if we could see our lives with that kind of clarity?  For the rest of the summer we are going to attempt to look at our lives with a view from the end.  Fast-Forward: Living with the End in Mind will help us see our fears, finances, and families with a kind of hindsight that we get from Jesus in Luke 12.


September 25:  Time Capsule (Becky Tjapkes)
September 18: How to Be a Christian in an Election Year – Vote
September 11: Vision Sunday  part 1
(Becoming Like Jesus meditation begins at 0:01; Growing Louder in God’s World meditation begins at 7:30)
September 11: Vision Sunday part 2
(Growing Louder in God’s World continues at 0:01; Growing Closer to God begins at 18:05)
September 4: Fast-Forward: Faith
August 28: Fast-Forward: Family (sermon begins at 5:20)
August 21: Fast-Forward: Finances
August 14: Fast-Forward: Fear (Jeff Boersma)
August 7: Fast-Forward: People Get Ready (sermon begins at 3:15)


Have you ever noticed that the book of Acts has no formal ending?  That’s because the 28 chapters of Acts are just the start of the awesome story God is writing through His people.  This summer we will commit ourselves to being a part of that story by claiming the power of God in our lives, church, and community.  

July 31: Acts 29 – The Beautiful Mess (sermon begins at 05:35)
July 24: Acts 29 – Surprised by Prayer
July 17: Acts 29 – One Way or the Other
July 10: Houses and Chariots of Fire (Rev. Gerrit Koedoot)
July 3: How to be a Christian in an Election Year – Speech
June 26: Acts 29 – God You Covered
June 19: Acts 29 – In the NameiStock_000038036750_Full
June 12: Acts 29 – More Than Words
June 5: Acts 29 – Wait for It

May 29: How to be a Christian in an Election Year
One AnotherMay 22: Encourage One Another
May 15: Admonish One Another
May 8: Honor One Another
May 1: Accept One Another


After EasterApril 24: Don’t Be Somebody Else (Rev. Jeff Boersma)
April 17: After Easter – The Kingdom (Rev. Howard Vugteveen)
April 10: After Easter – Not In Vain
April 3: After Easter – Roads from the Resurrection

Lent Sermon Series
March 27: Easter in the Empty Tomb
March 20: BOLD – Victory
March 13: BOLD – Obstacles
March 6: BOLD – Fruit
February 28: Choose Truth (GEMS Sunday)
February 21: Buying a $tairway to Heaven
February 14:  Teen Challenge

Together (1)One of the new year resolutions we’re making is to do more together.  It’s so easy to stay busy and insulate ourselves from true relationship.  We do life next to people, but not with people.  Our paths cross, but they don’t really ever merge.  For a follower of Jesus, this isn’t the way God designed it.  When Jesus declared that he would build his Church, he wasn’t talking about a bunch of individuals.  He was talking about a community, a family that would encourage each other, forgive each other, and comfort each other.  That’s what we’re shooting for at FCC.

February 7: Play Together
January 31: Serve Together – Part 1
January 31: Serve Together – Part 2
January 24:  Worship Together
January 17: Eat Together
January 10: Pray Together
January 3:  Better Together


Christmas Changes Everything

December 27: 2016 Needs You


How do you feel about change?  Some people appreciate the variety, while others fear it.  While the Christmas holiday is filled with tradition, the event of Christmas triggered massive change.  Christmas changes everything.  This advent we will look at some things that have been changed by Christmas – then and now.

December 20: Christmas Changes Everything – Plans
December 13: Christmas Changes Everything – Availability
December 6: Christmas Changes Everything – Expectations
November 29: Christmas Changes Everything – Control
November 22: A New Wardrobe in Christ (Andrea Bult)

All:used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.  That’s the part of our lives that God asks for: all.  This fall we will be looking at how we can be “all” kinds of people – people who are giving all of ourselves to God.
November 15: ALL: You NeedAll2
November 8: Going ALL In
November 1: ALL: OUT   including drama
October 25: ALL: Together
October 18: ALL: IN
October 11: Pride, Praise, and Promise
October 4: ALL: UP
September 27: The Power of Your Love (Howard Vugteveen)
September 20: ALL: The Way


We will close out the summer by spending three weeks looking at Jesus’ final approach to Jerusalem – the place where he would die and rise again.


September 6: Who to Ask for What (Mark 10:46-52)
August 30: Great (Mark 10:35-45)
August 23: Courage (Mark 10:32-34)
August 16: A Lot in Common (Pastor Jeff Boersma)



Reasons-to-BelievewideAs America becomes less and less of a religious culture, the challenges to belief have become much more widespread.  Atheism gets regular airplay.  The numbers of those who identify as non-believers are on the rise.  Fortunately truth is not determined by popular opinion.  This summer we will look at the logical attacks on Christian belief and present a defense.

August 9: Why I Am a Christian
August 2: Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
July 26: Is Jesus God?
July 19: Is the Bible True? (part 2)
July 12: Is the Bible True? (part 1)
July 5: The Problem of Evil
June 28: Does God Exist?

June 21: Ask (2 Kings 13:14-19)
June 14: God Delights in His People (Gerrit Koedoot)

Naturalized Logo

The requirements for becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States are laid out clearly.  There is a process.  But how do we become citizens of God’s kingdom?  What requirements must be met?  Which process do we follow?  Becoming a naturalized citizen of God’s kingdom is both difficult and incredibly easy, simple and complex.  Join us as we examine this process on Sunday mornings.

June 7: Naturalized – Swearing In (Mark 10:17-31)
May 31: Naturalized – Dual Citizenship (Mark 10:17-25)
May 24: Naturalized – Setting the Bar (Mark 10:13-16)

We Are Family (1)Christians will sometimes refer to each other as brother or sister. It points to an important truth about us: we are a family. Our roots go deeper than genetics and extend into eternity. For the next several weeks we will look at what it means to be a family. 

May 17: The Power of “And”
May 10: Spiritual Parents
May 3: A New Kind of Family
April 26: The Body and the Family
April 19: We Are Family – Joining the Family

We won’t celebrate the resurrection for another month. But throughout March we will be looking at the story of another person who came back from the dead. Not exactly a resurrection in the strict sense, but a prelude to the resurrection.Prelude to a Resurrection

April 12: Aftermath of the Resurrection (Rev. Howard Vugteveen)
April 5: Two Words of Resurrection
March 29: Prelude to a Resurrection – The Best Difference
March 22: Prelude to a Resurrection – Grief
March 15: West Michigan Teen Challenge
March 8: Prelude to a Resurrection – Guarantee

Giving in 3D Logo

March 1: Giving in 3D – IN & OUT
February 22: Bring the Message – GEMS Sunday
February 15: Giving in 3D – UP
February 8: Branded with Christ – Cadet Sunday (sermon begins at 01:25)


The essence of our relationship with God can be broken down into two basic elements: Covenant and Kingdom.  Through out the month of January we will be exploring these two strands of our spiritual DNA.

     February 1: DNA – Reading The Bible
     January 25: The Kingdom Triangle
     January 18:  The Covenant Triangle
     January 11: Kingdom
     January 4: Covenant
     Memorial Service for Doug Kendall
     December 28: Memorial Meditation

Two thousand years ago, Jesus brought light into a dark world.  He is still doing this today.  As we anticipate the celebration of his birth, we’ll look at the ways Jesus illuminates our lives on a daLight of the Worldily basis.


December 21: I Saw the Light
December 14: Shed Some Light
December 7: Guiding Light
November 30: At the End of the Tunnel

One of the most compelling stories in the Gospels is a conversation Jesus had with a woman at a well in Samaria.  There were all kinds of reasons this conversation should never have happened at all.  But it did.  And a woman’s life – even a whole town – was changed forever.  So gather around the well this month.  You just might be changed as well. At the Well Logo

November 23: The Method
November 16: The Message
November 9: The Missionary
November 2: Far Brought Near (Andrea Bult)


It’s not just the younger members of our church family that are going back to school.  This fall we’re all going back to school… The School of Prayer.  This fall we will look at several different ways and means to connect with God in prayer.  We will learn exercises and techniques that can enrich our prayer lives.  We begin next week by picking up a few prerequisites. School of Prayer Title Page

October 26: School of Prayer: How to Pray
October 19: School of Prayer: Lab
October 12: School of Prayer – Textbook
October 5: School of Prayer – Waiting for the Bell
September 28: School of Prayer – Recess
(sermon begins at 28:00)
September 21: School of Prayer – Observation
September 14: School of Prayer – Prerequisites

September 7: Feeling Conflicted? (Jeff Boersma)


August 31: Vintage Faith: The Last Chapter


August 24: Vintage Faith: Saints


Vintage Faith1

August 17: Vintage Faith: Catholic


August 10: Vintage Faith: The Holy Spirit


August 3: Vintage Faith: Why We Wait


July 27: Vintage Faith: Atonement


July 20: Vintage Faith: In the Flesh


July 13: Good News in Written Word (Gerrit Koedoot)


July 6: Vintage Faith: God the Father


June 29: The Gift of Music
the-gospel-of-mark1   June 22: Gospel of Mark – How Tight is the Knot?


   June 15: Gospel of Mark – Not So Drastic Measures


June 8: Psalm 23 – Home


June 1: Psalm 23 – Enemies


May 25: Psalm 23 – The Valley


May 18: Psalm 23 – Like No One Else
May 11: Psalm 23 – Having It All


May 4: Sabbatical Observations


April 27: Running From God (Jeff Boersma)


April 20: The Truth about the Resurrection (Howard Vugteveen)


April 13: Who Is This? (Howard Vugteveen)


April 6: The Cross Road (Howard Vugteveen) 


March 30: The Bread of Life (Howard Vugteveen)


March 23: No Message – West Michigan Teen Challenge


March 16: Walking By Faith (Jeff Boersma)


March 9: Faith After Dark (Jeff Boersma)


March 2: Proactive Rest


February 23: HE>i (GEMS Sunday)

Investments Logo

February 16: Investments – Strategy


February 9: Investments – Firm

February 2: Children of Light – Obedience


January 26: Children of Light – Unity CandleCHILDREN OF LIGHT1


January 19: Children of Light – Exposure


January 12: Children of Light – Container


January 5: The Beginning of Jesus


December 29: Hope for 2014


December 22:  No service due to weather closure.


December 15: The Beginning of Christmas – Path 


December 8: The Beginning of Christmas – Promise


December 1: The Beginning of Christmas – Preparation


November 24: Power of Identity (Ephesians 1:1-14) – Rev. Howard Vugteveen

SENTOne of our guiding assumptions at Ferrysburg Community Church is that every child of God is sent.  We are sent to people and places and groups to announce and demonstrate God’s kingdom.  In this series of messages we’ll look at how that’s happening at FCC and how we can more fully embrace our sent identity.

November 17: Sent – “-ever” (Colossians 3:15-17)
November 10: Sent – Direction (Acts 13:1-5)
November 3: Sent – MBC Celebration (Acts 2:42-47)


One of the most important things to God is seeing His children grow in faith.  It’s so important that He will use many different things to cause our faith to grow.  This fall we will be looking at five things that God regularly uses to make our faith grow.  We’ve adapted this series from NorthPointe Church and Pastor Andy Stanley in Atlanta, GA.  Click on the titles to listen to the message. Five-Things-Logo

October 27: Pivotal Circumstances (John 11:1-44)
October 20: Personal Ministry (Matthew 14:13-33)
October 13: Private Disciplines (Matthew 6:1-18)
October 6: Gospel of Mark – Abundant Kingdom (Mark 9:38-41)
September 29: Providential Relationship (1 Corinthians 3:1-15)
September 22: Purposeful Obedience (Luke 5:1-11)
September 15: Prescription for Faith (Matthew 8:5-13)

September 8:
Take Heart (John 16:33) – Rev. Jeff Boersma




For the past several years we have been working our way through Mark’s Gospel. It is a straightforward, raw look at the life of Jesus.  This summer we will resume the series by looking at chapters 8-9.

September 1:
Gospel of Mark – Who’s the Boss? (Mark 9:30-37)


August 25:
Gospel of Mark – Power (Mark 9:14-29)


August 18:
Gospel of Mark – Mountain Top Experience (Mark 9:2-13)


August 11:
Gospel of Mark – Kingdom Sense (Mark 8:31-38)


August 4: Intern Josiah Youngquist
God’s Gift of Peace (Romans 5:1-11)


July 28:
Gospel of Mark – Who? (Mark 8:27-30)


July 21:
Gospel of Mark – Gradual (Mark 8:22-26)


Most of the New Testament of the Bible is a collection of letters.  They were written to church communities and individuals.  They served to encourage, instruct, and correct. And most of them were fairly long.  However, a few of them are very short – just one chapter.  This series is a 4-part study of the smallest books in the Bible and the shortest letters written – Postcards.

July 14:
Postcards – Jude (Rev. Gerrit Koedoot)
July 7:
Postcards – 3 John
June 30:
Postcards – 2 John
June 23:
Postcards – Philemon


June 16:
Standing Strong


The Shape of Prayer Logo

When Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer it was because they asked Him how to pray, not what to pray.  Jesus had an approach to prayer that was dramatically different than what they were used to.  At the time Jesus taught His disciples this prayer it was incredibly fresh and innovative.  Two thousand years later we’ve turned it into something stale and old-fashioned.  It’s become something we memorize and repeat.  Over the next several weeks we’ll be taking a fresh look at one of our oldest prayers.  We hope to regain the innovation and fire that Jesus intended when He taught us how to pray.

June 9:
The Father’s Guidance and Protection
June 2:
The Father’s Provision and Forgiveness
May 26:
The Father’s Character and Kingdom
May 19:
The Pattern (Luke 11:1-13)


May 12:
Two Mothers In One – Rev. Howard Vugteveen (Romans 7)
May 5:
Gospel of Mark – Yeast (Mark 7:24-30)


What we believe about God shapes every part of our lives.  Our understanding of his power and love and character are determining factors in how we structure our lives.  This series will explore four life-changing truths about God and what they mean for us in our daily lives.  Each of these life-changing truths about God begin with the letter “G.”

April 7:
God Is Glorious (Psalm 97; Heidelberg #94-95)


April 14:
God Is Great (Luke 12:22-31; HC #27)


April 21:
God Is Good (John 4:1-26; HC #26)


April 28:
God Is Gracious (Luke 15:11-32; HC #59-60)


Easter Sunday, March 31:
(Ir)Rational Easter (Jeremiah 32:6-15)

Grace   Grace is more than beauty in motion.  It’s the experience of receiving something that we don’t deserve.  As we move toward Good Friday and Easter, we see something that we could never earn.  Something that was gained at a tremendous cost to the Giver.  Click on the message titles below to listen.

March 17:
Grace – Beyond Compare (Luke 18:9-14)


March 24:
Grace – The Best Seat in the House (Luke 14:1-11)

Giving Is…

Whenever the issue of financial giving comes up in church people get squeamish.  And who can blame them? People have been manipulated and guilted into giving too many times. Instead of going right at it, we felt some metaphors might be in order. Click on the message titles below to listen.  


February 24: GEMS Sunday

Losing Your Mind (Romans 8:1-11)


No matter what book or story you are reading, if you don’t start at the beginning it will get confusing.  You will miss important facts and plots.  The Bible is the same way.  The beginning of the Bible gives us critical information about God, our world, and ourselves.  These first four messages of 2013 help us uncover these foundational truths.

The Impossible Task – February 3

Genesis 4:1-16

The Ancient Lie – January 20

Genesis 3

In the Image – January 13

Genesis 2

What, Not How – January 6

Genesis 1