Worship Service - 10:30am
Education Hour - 9:15am

Bible Reading

The Bible Reading Plan for the month of December is

the book of Luke.

Current Teaching Series

Becoming Like Jesus

Closer to God • Deeper in His Family • Louder in His World




Next Sunday, December 10
Worship Service – 10:30 a.m.

Many years after heaven and earth had been torn apart by sin, heaven returned for a visit.  We call this visit The Incarnation.  Jesus came and saw first hand what had become of the earth he created with his Father.  Next Sunday we’ll discover what happened when Heaven paid a visit.

Adult Ed – 9:15 a.m.

December 10:  Technology and Our Kids

Maybe you’ve seen families in restaurants, each person busy using their own smartphone rather than talking with each other.  So how do we as parents help our kids use technology—smartphones, social media, video games– in a way that’s effective and responsible? How can we teach our kids good digital manners?  How much tech freedom should we give them?  And how does all this relate to our relationship with God and each other? Led by Brian Telzerow, professor of youth ministry at Kuyper College.