The men and women who wrote the Bible were often far more honest with God than we are. They voice their frustration, confusion, and even anger with God in the midst of troubling circumstances. Through the month of November we will look at one such conversation with God. We find it in the prophet Habakkuk.

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Shalom is a word we know as a traditional Jewish greeting. It’s another way of saying “hello” or “have a nice day.” But shalom is so much more than that. It is a word that can’t be easily defined by our English language. It is a picture of something so wonderful we can hardly imagine it. It is an image of hope so beautiful that it is almost scary. This fall we will be discovering how shalom was always God’s intention for us, how we can reclaim this beautiful reality, and share it with others.

One of Jesus’ most regular activities was… going to parties! Sure, he did a lot of teaching and healing. But Jesus was a regular at the parties of both upstanding religious leaders and folks of questionable character. At one particular party Jesus made some very astute observations. For the next two Sundays we will look at advice Jesus gave to party-goers in Luke 14 and how that advice is good news for us today.

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Next week we will kick off a summer-long series on the Ten Commandments.  Pastor Nate will be leading us in a look at the first commandment using various passages in the Bible and the Heidelberg Catechism.  

Resurrection Sunday! We will look at what Jesus’ resurrection means for us as God’s children for eternity.  We will also look at how this event impacts us today as Jesus’ friends.

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When we think about Jesus’ ministry, we usually think of miracles and healings and sermons.  But perhaps the largest part of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels was telling stories. Jesus was a master storyteller.  We will start a Lent series of messages called The Storyteller based on the parables of Jesus.  We’ll begin with the story of the Good Samaritan.

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The apostle Peter has an interesting description of people who follow Jesus: Exiles.  Once we become citizens of God’s kingdom, we suddenly become exiles in this world. We will begin 2019 with a study of 1 Peter, discovering who we truly are and how we are called to live as exiles in this world.

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If you think there is some dirt in your family tree, let me assure you that you’ve got nothing on Jesus!  His lineage is filled with sketchy folks and terrible situations. This Advent we will look specifically at the four women in Jesus’ genealogy.  Our series is called A Crooked Line.


Some people believe that history is a random series of events that have no pattern or structure.  We believe that history is a story that is being written by God. Through November we’ll be looking at the story of the world from God’s perspective.  This series will draw from Our World Belongs to God, a contemporary testimony of our beliefs.

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Jesus said a lot of seemingly bizarre thing during his time on earth. “The first will be last.”  “Blessed are those who mourn. “Lose your life to find it.” So it shouldn’t surprise us when we discover another counterintuitive message in his teaching: Less is more. This fall we will discover how having less actually opens us up to having far more than we ever dreamed.

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We hold up the early Christian Church as the best of times for God’s people.  While there were certainly challenges, it was indeed a time of exponential growth, spiritual depth, and displays of God’s power.  It didn’t happen because they had the best facilities or praise bands. In fact the key ingredient of the early Church was small Christian community that happened in homes.  In the month of August we will take a closer look at the power of community in smaller forms.

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The Old Testament book of Esther is a real outlier.  God is never once mentioned in the entire book. It seems completely void of any spiritual content.  Yet this summer we will be taking a closer look. As we scratch beneath the surface a bit, God becomes very obvious.

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God raised up the Israelites to be bellwether of his justice and care for the oppressed.  We will look at what it means to be a bellwether of God’s kingdom today.

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The early Church regularly celebrated how God was at work among them.  We will join them in this important activity by celebrating how God has been at work in Ferrysburg Community Church.  We will worship and hear testimonies of God's faithfulness.

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Jesus is risen!  Now what? What comes next for us after the resurrection?  We will look at what came next for the early Christian Church.  We’ll look at how we can follow in their next steps and take up the same practices that helped them spread the good news.

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Seven: Last Words of Christ
As we come into Palm Sunday, we will explore the final two sentences of Jesus on the cross.  We will also celebrate the profession of faith of Jenna Benson and God’s work in her life.